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Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body.  Too little and bad things happen, like osteoporosis, weak bones, and a susceptible immune system.  Too much and you get bone spurs, osteoarthritis and hardened arteries. Calcium is essential for life.  It’s important for bones, blood clotting, immune system, muscle contraction, and heart to beat.  

Every day we are fighting a calcium balance WAR!  We lose calcium through our skin, nails, hair, sweat, urine and feces.  If we don’t get enough, our bodies will steal calcium from the bones, skin, hair, nails and muscles.  Then guess what?  Symptom train here it comes. There are so many things that people are doing to mess up their calcium “state of being.”  Want to mess up your calcium levels?  Do this: 

  • Don’t exercise
  • Drink acid (carbonation) 
  • Don’t drink water 
  • Don’t eat fiber 
  • Don’t go outside (sunshine and vitamin D) 
  • Don’t eat green things 
  • Take prednisone 
  • Drink excessive amounts of caffeine 

Those are all vital for life.  Movement is life. Water is life. Healthy food is life. Having healthy bones, immune system, and vascular system is all about not cheating.  You see cheating – caffeine for energy, prednisone for inflammation, fiber from diet and too little movement or lack of exercise causes calcium to go to the wrong place.  Either out your body or settling out in the wrong place, kidney stones, arteriosclerosis, bone spurs.  

Too much emphasis is place on “getting calcium” and not enough on the co-factors for calcium metabolism.  Those include stomach health, Vitamin D3, Vitamin F, Vitamin P, and Vitamin K2. Perhaps you are getting enough calcium, but you aren’t able to use it because you are missing the co-factors that make calcium utilization possible. 

Here’s the quick version. You need to have an acidic stomach break down calcium.  Don’t worry, most stomachs are acidic.  If you too much acid, see my article on stomach hyperacidity, but in the mean time just go with me on this.  You need an acidic stomach to break down calcium and I hope you are taking the right calcium.  “Dr West, I take calcium calcium.”  There are many types of calcium – calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, calcium citrate, calcium malate, calcium lactate and calcium phosphate.  The most common and poorest source of calcium is calcium carbonate. It’s like eating cement.  It’s too hard and doesn’t absorb.  Best source is calcium lactate followed by calcium citrate or calcium malate.  If you are taking calcium carbonate, STOP.  You are harming yourself. My favorite calcium is Dynamic Duo from Natures Nx.com.  Just read the label on your calcium supplement and make sure it’s not calcium carbonate. 

So you have a “normal” or acidic stomach. You take a soft calcium that’s absorbable, like calcium lactate (by the way, lactate does NOT mean it’s from dairy).  Then Vitamin D3 picks up the calcium from the stomach/intestinal system and puts into the blood stream.  So far so good, right?  Well, if you want a recipe for bone spurs, kidney stones and osteoarthritis, just stop there. 

Vitamin F (bioflavonoids) take blood stream calcium (calcium vitaminD3) and put it into the tissues. This is why Vitamin F is essential for calcium metabolism and the counterbalance to Vitamin D.  Without Vitamin F, calcium doesn’t work, Vitamin D is not as effective.  People are that are sensitive to the sun, have excessive redness in their skin and/or have muscles cramps don’t have enough vitamin F.  

After you get calcium to the tissues, organs and bones what makes it start to work is Vitamin K2, the stuff from green leafy vegetables.  For those with clotting disorders remember that K1 produces clotting factors and K2 protects against arterial classification and oxidation. If your doctor tells you to stay away from Vitamin K, I would suggest that they mean K1 not K2.  

Summary for proper calcium metabolism – the key to life 

  1. Normal stomach (acid) – if you have heartburn or GERD – see my other blog post 
  2. Soft calcium (calcium malate) 
  3. Vitamin F 
  4. Vitamin K2 

If you are missing one of the above, you probably aren’t feeling the way you want.  So there’s the recipe for proper calcium metabolism. It’s essential for life if it’s in the right place. If it’s in the wrong place, then you are going to have health care problems.  

Dr Jason West is in private practice in Idaho and Utah. He treats chronic health disorders, makes videos prolific author and thought leader.  Dr West has been doctor of the year twice, written a bestselling book, been in three documentaries and on national TV.  His website for his office is www.westcliniconline.com, you can see his patient outcomes on his blog www.dailydosevitaminh.com.  He is on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linked. Dr West is married to the girl of his dreams, Maxine, and they have five boys.  In his down time, he likes to read, write, play the piano, ride motorcycles/snowmobiles and create videos (weird combination, but it works for him).