The nervous systems is so fascinating. When it works, the body/mind has unlimited potential. When it doesn’t work and it diseased, it’s saddening. I believe there are five causes of nerve dysfunction.

#1 – bad DNA. Sometimes the genes line up and a person gets the lesser gene from Mom and lesser gene from Dad and family history gene problems.

#2 and #3 – Lack of fats and/or inability to absorb fats. Fats insulate the nerves and if you don’t get enough or if you don’t absorb enough, there’s deficiency in the insulation and a short circuit may occur. So many people are helped when the gallbladder/liver axis is working right. If you don’t have a gallbladder, there’s a specific treatment protocol for that.

#4 – Chemicals. If you are around chemicals as a job, like a custodian, beautician, or environmental clean up, you are at higher risk for toxic nerves. Sometimes the body cannot detox and the chemicals build up around the nerves and inhibit the normal nerve transmission.

#5 – infection. I think that this is the most common cause/problem. Chronic bacterial and virus are attracted to the nerve tissue and set up residency there. This distorts the normal activity of the nerve and so the body will try and contain the infection by walling it off (lesions) or creating inflammation to start the immune response (mislabeled as auto-immune). If you don’t support the immune system, then a chronic inflammatory response occurs and a slow health decline often occurs.

If you have a nervous system problem, here’s what I would recommend:

1. Put your body on a schedule. Eat as healthy as possible.

2. Take Vitamin F (essential fatty acids). That usually means fish oil, flax seed oil, olive oil. Avocados are an excellent source of fatty acids.

3. Support liver and gallbladder. I like beet leaf greens, milk thistle and ox bile. This helps to break down the fats so you body can use them.

4. Support the immune system, don’t suppress it. I have seen so many patients improve by helping the immune system to WORK. This is done by evaluating blood tests, lifestyle and family history. It must be done in the right way.

5. Detox. Exercise (the right way), heat therapy (sauna, infrared) and of course, diet. Diet is the most important. Green leafy vegetables, colorful fruits and vegetables and lots of water.

My baseline nerve protocol is:

1. Essential fatty acids 4-8,000mg/day.

2. Liver/gallbladder supplement

3. Immune system support

4. Detox program

If you want specific supplements, this is what I use:

1. Essential fatty acids – Ultimate Omega (

2. Liver support – LivaNew (

3. Kidney suppor – Kidney Confidence (

4. Immune support – Immune power (

5. Detox – daily detox (

Have a great day, Dr Jason West