Have you ever experience food cravings? Things like salt? Sugar? Bread? Soda pop? Hot chocolate? Coffee? Energy Drinks?  Is there a way to reduce sugar cravings?  Is there a healthy coping mechanism?  What does it mean?  At the end of the video, I’ll send you my free report on salt/sugar cravings and 1) what to do about it and 2) I’ll tell you about my single favorite way to stop food cravings in it’s tracks. I tell you this because there are 5 types of food cravings, 6 things to do about and there is 1 way to stop food cravings in it’s tracks.  The first couple of people that like and share this post, I am going to send you the hidden secret to food cravings. 

Now don’t worry, there’s a lot of information in this video.  It started off as a 3 min video and then grew from there.  It’s all available in written form.  

Hi, this is Dr Jason West with the West Clinic and 100 years of clinical healing.  Today’s video is going to talk about food cravings and the secret that was passed on from my great grandfather to grandpa, grandpa to dad and dad to me.  First of all, I believe that this is a natural event but it needs bookends or parameters.  Eat until you are full, but not more.  There’s food that is engineered to go around the shut off valve.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a junk food junkie, compulsive eater, sugarholic, or couch potato.  There’s a way to stop food cravings in their tracks. 

I would define food cravings as different than food addiction.  While it could be a thirst signal, a food addiction may be defined as secretive eating, consuming food quickly, gaining weight rapidly, and eating until the point of having a sick stomach.  This video is not for food addiction but for food cravings.

Some of the symptoms of food cravings are decreased energy, not being able to be active, trouble sleeping, tired all of the time, over sleeping or believe it or not the other end of the spectrum, restlessness, insomnia, digestive disorders and headaches.

Basically, it means this – if your body is balanced, you are not looking for that crutch, boost, or shot in the arm to make it through your day.  You see, if you have the necessary building blocks of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats you are not looking for that “fix” Now there are 5 types of food cravings.

  1. Chocolate = magnesium = Raw cacao, nuts, seeds, veggies and fruits
  2. Sugar foods = minerals = chromium, carbon, phosphorous, Sulphur, tryptophan
  3. Breads/pasta = nitrogen = high protein, nuts, beans and chia seeds
  4. Oily foods = calcium = organic milk (whole), cheese, green leafy vegetables
  5. Salty foods = chloride/silicon = fatty fish (salmon/whitefish) 

Now you can get a list of cravings and what foods to eat to get rid of the cravings in the free report that you we can send to you. 

By the way, do you know the worst food you can eat for sugar cravings?  It’s the one that you don’t ever get enough of.  For example, how many oranges can you eat?  One, two, three?  You see natural foods have a shut off valve.  But how many cookies, pretzels, or chips can you eat before you hit the shut off valve?  Uh oh, it’s the end of the bag, I guess I’ll stop eating. 

Second worst thing to eat when having cravings – liquid calories.  If you are having sugar cravings, do no reach for acid. Wait a minute, acid?  Yes, that’s right.  Soda drinks contain phosphoric acid or mostly carbonic acid with sugar.  You just keep drinking acid and calories or in the case of diet soda which is acid and unusually high levels of certain amino acids.  And the problem is there is no shut off.  You know it’s pretty hard to get several thousand calories of food, but it’s not hard to get several thousand calories of liquid sugar acid. 

In the report, I am going to send to you is a list of 6 things that you can do for food cravings and here they are:  Here’s what to do about it.  First, drink water.  Many times, your body interprets food cravings for dehydration signal. Besides it takes up space in your stomach.  Water is so important.  Second, only eat foods that spoil. What a minute! That’s weird.  Only eat foods that spoil, just eat them before they spoil. Third, eat colorful foods.  The more healthy and alive your foods are, the healthier and alive you are.  Fourth, eat consistently.  Don’t abuse your body by being a meal skipper.  Fifth, make sure you are hitting the foundation of vitamins, mineral, healthy fats, probiotic, and essential fatty acids.  Now my favorite single product is Blood Sugar All in One from Natures nx.  It has everything in it and if you don’t like pills, there’s a great tasting drink called whole food party.  It’s only available to my patients but if you’ll messenger me, I’ll send you the link or the details are in my free report.  Sixth put your body on a schedule – go to bed, get up, eat at the same time when possible. 

Now let’s say you do all that and you are still having cravings. It’s a sign that something is more imbalanced.  It’s important to balance your body chemistry – so in an ideal situation it’s nice to have some baseline labs (CBC, CMP, lipid and vitamin D3) and a hormone test.  Because if your hormones are imbalanced, you are imbalanced. 

Now here’s my favorite way to stop sugar cravings in its tracks! It’s not easy, it may not be fun, but it totally works. There’s 3 ways to do this 1) Take a multivitamin with water and then chew something colorful. 2) Drink a swallow or two of water then open up a capsule of Blood Sugar all in one.  This does not taste good and if you can handle it, you’ll be removed of food cravings or 3) use whole food party (multivitamin/mineral food recipe).  You can get Blood Sugar all in one and Whole Food party from www.naturesnx.com.  Now will other multivitamins work?  Most of the time.  Will other MVM drinks work, most of the time – I just made those suggestions because I believe they work very well. 

Now, let’s just say something about multivitamins.  If you don’t notice that they make you feel better then they probably aren’t good for you.  However, when you make the smoothie, the Whole Food Party, not only does it taste good, it removes food cravings. So, if your liquid vitamin drink is working or if chewing your vitamin pills removes food cravings then you have solved your problems. 

Food cravings are a sign that you are 1) dehydrated 2) hungry for colorful foods 3) missing vitamin/mineral/fats 4) hormonal imbalance.