Muscle and bone pain can be caused or contributed by Vitamin D3 deficiency. I read a story about chronic joint pain in female asylum seekers from Bosnia and Albania seeking asylum in Switzerland. Symptoms included bone pain, muscle weakness, gait/balance issues, and fatigue.

Sunlight exposure

Exposures to sunlight was less than ideal, think North America in the wintertime! They were treated with Vtamin D3 (300,000iu 1x month via injection) and 800iu/day orally. This resolved all cases of bone, muscle and fatigue in 30-90 days although one participant needed 7 months.

Numerous studies over the last 10 years show that vitamin D levels is MORE PREVALENT than most doctors realize. It’s easy to asses by blood tests. Normal levels are 30-100 but optimal levels are 80-100. It’s rare for my patient base to be above 50.

Fibromyalgia, arthritis and CFS

Vitamin D3 deficiency levels mimic fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Most people do not require a large amount of sun exposure to achieve adequate vitamin D status. According to Dr. Michael Holick, a vitamin D expert, exposure of the arms and legs or the hands, arms, and face to sunlight for five to 15 minutes, two to three times a week between 10AM and 3PM during the spring, summer, and autumn is usually enough for adequate vitamin D production. People who are obese, elderly, or dark-skinned have a reduced capacity to synthesize vitamin D in the skin.

Treatment Considerations: 5-15 minutes of sun between 10am-3pm. 

Vitamin D3 – 5,000 i.u. daily. This is not a fish oil fat soluble vitamin D. The fat soluble Vitamin D can become toxic in high doses over a long period of time. I use Vitamin D and vitamin K together in a product called DK Absolute. It’s not expensive, about $13 for 3.5 month supply or about $4.00. If you’d like a done-for-you DK product, call 208-232-3216 ext 108 or email at


Many people that have fibromyalgia, arthritis and chronic fatigue type pain may be low Vitamin D3 levels. It’s easy to asses (blood tests) and treat. Vitamin D3 is underutilized in chronic muscle and joint pain without the side-effects of OTC or pain Rx.


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